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For foreign investors and companies, the Chinese language and cultural barrier can be a huge issue when they want to communicate with their business partners in China or enter the Chinese market. The majority of Chinese cannot speak English and do not understand it very well. Most senior managers in China are not able to speak English well enough for the communication at business level.

Therefore, if you are doing business with China and do not understand the Chinese language, you will need a good and experienced translator or interpreter who can convey your message accurately to, and not being misinterpreted by any of your Chinese partners during the visits and meetings.

On this basis, 华意通Communicate with China is established as a bridge of communication between you and your Chinese partners, or the Chinese language and culture. We provide translation and interpretation services from English to Chinese and vice versa, as well as the translation from Dutch to Chinese and vice versa. Translation from English to Japanese and vice versa is also within our business line. We help you understand each other better.

We are professional, reliable, flexible, proactive and explicit. We do our utmost to cooperate with you and meet your requirements fast and efficiently.

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